For more than 5 years, hundreds of guests have enjoyed a relaxing, stress free break in our cozy garden flat. Here, as in Panorama, pets are greeted with open arms and can enjoy warm nights in winter and cool ones in summer inside the cottage with their owners ... provided of course they are house trained. The Cottage is an open plan accommodation with a separate bathroom. It has laundry facilities, a fully equipped kitchen, outside deck with BBQ and fire pit and inside a powerful reverse cycle air conditioning unit.

Lismar Lodge has flat rates all year around. We do not charge extras for public holidays and we do not charge cleaning fees. The rates for "The Cottage"are independent from the number of guests whether a single guest or a couple.

Weekdays are $100 / night and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are $125 / night.

Midweeks, from Monday 2pm to Friday 10am, can be booked at $355 (can not be combined with other nights)

Weekly rate, from Monday 2pm to the next Monday 10am, can be booked at $665

Please contact us for availability or consult the on-line calendars of our associated booking agencies.

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